The wanderer's drift

lyrics from ROwdy

Hey, Wanna Rob a Bank?


I've been waiting on the man to be singled out.

I read it in the sand beneath a blue brick built beach house.

We've got these silly little plans all figured out.

If we had a dime for a dozen, we'd be richer than what we are now.


We sat on it for days, hoping one of us would cave.

Next time we met with anxious regrets ending

in a nod and a shake.

So, we start gathering the parts, and visualize the stage.

At a quarter to 3:00, these dreams will be real,

and we'll take this whole damn place.


In with a penny out with a million.

Game faces on, it's time to be brilliant.

Finger on the trigger, not sure if I'll use it.

Please god, no one make a move or I'll lose it.

Heartbeat in my neck like a gun in my head.

I keep reminding myself I'm not dead, yet.

Mr. 2 and Mr. 3 make the final drop, now.

Sirens start approaching and our driver blows town.


Pierced and unaware, caught between a stare

down the barrel of my useless gun.

Heaven's never after for the tear-stained, lowly bastard

begging for life that’s come undone.

In a panic, I reach out.  My mind exploding, I yell out.

This world will see what we have done.

Pain closes in.  Vision blurred with sin.  Hurry, boys!

You better RUN!

Run for your life, I said run.

Run for your life, I said run.


So now, I'm waiting for the man to be singled out.

This iron cell can wear a man's spirit down.

It’s been six years to the day.  Things could've gone a better way.

But don't you fret, ‘cause I've got one more spade to play.

Steel loosens from my hands and I remember being a man.

This long lonely walk, through a concrete land.

And at the end of the day, my pretty little driver whisks me away.

Backseat, bags unpacked with enough cash for any rainy day.






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