The wanderer's drift

lyrics from ROwdy

Because I'm a Thief


Devil's in the details. Re-tell me another story. Versus this rain, I can't see two feet in front of me. Heartbreak can't escape the deeper yearnings of our mending. So, I'll let it free when I damn well please.


Why would I wait ‘til the walls crash down,

knowing that I won't make a sound to get you back. No, not after that. Sulphuric animosity, without reciprocity,

creates an illusion that hates you back. No, you don't want that.


Hangman's back again keeping lady justice fit and thin. Chase me down if you must, but I'll never give it back , no I'll never give it back.

Round and round, coast to coast, terrified breathing, starry-eyed seeing. When this crow finds his home, I'm never coming out. No, I'm never coming out alone.



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